⚂ 2020.06.22 AMMS2020 has entered the official list of Conference Partner!

⚂ 2019.10.30 Welcome Prof. Yilun Shang from Northumbria University, UK to join in AMMS2020as Keynote Speaker. (Check)

⚂ 2019.10.27 Welcome Prof. Pavel Loskot from College of Engineering, Swansea University, UK to make Keynote Speech in AMMS2020 International Conference. (Check)

⚂ 2019.10.23 Welcome Prof. Seongah Chin from College of IT Engineering, Sungkyul University, Korea to join in AMMS2020 International Conference and make Keynote Speech. (Check)

⚂ 2019.10.18 AMMS2020 will be held in Kingtown Hotel Shanghai. Attendees could find the reserveation information on ACCOMMODATION. If you’ll attend AMMS2020, please book your accommodation during the conference in advance.

⚂ 2019.10.06 The conference schedule has been updated on the conference homepage, please check it on CONFERENCE SCHEDULE.

⚂ 2019.09.23 If you’re interested in academic research in Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation and joining AMMS2020 as Reviewer, please send your latest CV and photo to now.

⚂ 2019.09.10 Welcome to submit original research papers mainly covering Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation and more related topics to before deadline on August 10, 2020

⚂ 2019.08.24 Check AMMS2020 on WikiCFP ! (Check)

⚂ 2019.08.15 You can find AMMS2020 on ! (Check)